An Australian because I sold the keys, software, and all code to an Australian.

Turns out he did not stay as secret as I wanted him to. Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t some silly guy who wants attention. He just wants to be left alone; in secret. How many bloody accounts do you think a guy has around these forums? Quite a lot.

You can use stylometry to check, but it won’t work. The Bitcoin white paper was written by me, machine edited and edited by me again, and then re-written by a program, which I touched up all errors. Hence its perfection. You’ll never trace me. I sold my identity for a reason. You all think it has to be a group, that the code is too perfect for one man to have written. That is pure idiocy. It’s concise and even and the years I spent making sure of that hold true today.

Anyone else did see this? I was excited to see this because I was at work and I couldn’t be one of the first to do it, so I watched it and thought damn, it’s really fast. It’s in fact instantaneous to get 100$ on there and start buying games, skins, cards, anything you want. Bitcoin works great for mainstream use now and it will only get better, in a couple of years all those kids will be buying with the Bitcoin they make on the internet with their content.
I told it to an Aussie for a reason.

You’ll never know who Satoshi is, just like it was meant to be when I left. Have any of you been in my presence? You can guess. You can think. You can hope. But you haven’t.

You are all Satoshi, and that is the most you will ever know. I won’t sign this. I won’t be back. This is the last message from the REAL Satoshi Nakamoto you will get. Ever.

Every big event or thing, invention has a day to commemorate or its commemorative day
I would like to call upon entire bitcoin community to make a bitcoin commemorative day also.
Something like World Bitcoin Day.
I hope this will bring bitcoin to more attention.
Edit : Poll added.Everyone is requested to vote.



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